May 28, 2008

Baby Steps

So...this is what it's like to blog. I once had to explain the difference between blogs and a regular website to my mom, but never did I think I'd be a blogger. Soooo, here goes!

::deep breath::

I'm Beth. My husband, Alex, and I live outside of Baltimore, and I love to bake. This works out very well since he loves to eat! I learned how to bake from my mom, who learned how to bake from her mom and her MIL (my Bubbie). I do cook, but I'm the kind of gal who needs a recipe to feel secure. Alex is magically able to throw foods and spices together on a whim and it is usually delicious. There is a large collection of cookbooks on my bakers rack, and my goal is to go through them all.
Let's hope that my clothes still fit after this baking and cooking adventure!