April 13, 2009

Operation Baking GALS - Round 7

Sorry for the late post! This round went out April 10th and all of Team Go Terps shipped out delicious baked goodies for our soldier, Steve. He's been stationed in Iraq since October and will be there for at least another year. I hope he gets all the treats and enjoys them! I sent out chocolate chip cookies and a batch of World Peace cookies, just for a little bit of irony.

Here are what some other fantastic Team Go Terps bakers sent out:

  • Katie baked oatmeal, peanut butter, chocolate chip cookies and sent a great package of treats

  • Shelly and her coworkers baked chocolate chip bars, peanut butter cookies, chocolate chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, and oatmeal raisin cookies

  • Hilary (one of my sorority sisters!) sent out a batch of delicious cookies, and her husband Bryan was happy to help make sure they tasted right.

  • Jess baked peanut butter cookies and chocolate chip cookies, and sent them out with some candy and magazines

  • Laura baked one of my favorites - chocolate chip cookies in a chocolate chip cookie!

  • Diana made Oatmeal Raisin cookies, Honey Shortbread stars, and homemade granola bars

    Thank you again to all my fantastic baking gals!!!


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What a great package to put together and so thoughtful of you!