November 18, 2009

TWD a day late - All in One Holiday Bundt Cake

Sometimes it's hard for me to decide which fall flavor I want to use. Pumpkin? Maple? Cinnamon? Apple? Ginger? Cranberry? Ah, the choices!!! Lucky for me, this cake had them all! Dorie's All in One Holiday Bundt Cake is a great mix of all the fall flavors I love. It was also a great excuse to finally buy a bundt cake pan.

Everytime I hear the words "bundt cake", I laugh because of this scene from My Big Fat Greek Wedding (skip ahead to 1:55 for cake scene...I promise, it's worth it!).

Bonkah? Bunnnkah? BunnnT?

Anyways, I realized I was late for my Dorie fix, so I whipped up this cake after I got home last night. Other reviewers had said that it tasted best the day after, giving the spices time to mix, so I made Alex take it to work with him today. I tried one small piece after it cooled and I really liked it! Not too sweet, just a good blend of pumpkin, apple, ginger, cinnamon and pecans. I will make this again, possibly for Thanksgiving, since it's a classic fall treat.

The recipe can be found here, on Britin's blog - The Nitty Britty.


Matthew said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Ahh Bundt cakes and the like. The staple of my childhood Oneg memories. You can use it to make monkey bread too if you don't use a tube pan for that already. Sounds yummy.. can't imagine the wonderful smell.

Pamela said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I know! Every time I hear the word Bundt, I think of this scene. Such a great movie! Nice job on the cake.