July 2, 2009

Baby Rattle Cupcakes

Last Saturday, I attended a beautiful baby shower for my friend, Carrie. She and her husband, James, are expecting a little girl in August. I am so excited for them and was thrilled to be a part of the celebration. Carrie's sister, Amy, made these totally adorable baby rattle cupcakes for everyone, and I just about melted - they were so stinkin' cute! She said she found the recipe online, and I found a copy of it that I'll post here. What a great baby shower treat!

Baby Rattle Cupcakes

1 box of cake mix, any flavor, as well as the other ingredients needed for it (or your favorite cupcake recipe!)
1 container vanilla frosting (white works best)
Decoration icings/gels tubes
Candy sprinkles/decor
8 yards pastel satin or curling ribbon (1/4 inch), if desired
24 paper lollipop sticks (4 1/2 inch)
24 small gumdrops

Bake cupcakes according to directions and allow to cool fully. Frost with vanilla frosting and decorate with the icing tubes. You can write "Baby" "Baby LastName" or anything you can think of! Decorate with sprinkles, too.

With a toothpick, poke a hole in side of each cupcake. Tie a ribbon bow in the center of each lollipop stick. Add the gumdrop to one end of each stick. Insert the other end of the stick into sides of cupcakes, just below frosting, to form rattles.