March 17, 2010

Helene's Easy Cheesy Garlic Crisps

You know how when you're raised with a certain type of food, you think that's how it should always be? Take my grandmother's noodle kugel, for example. Ma (as we called her) used to overbake it, so the noodles on top dried out and had a painful *CRUNCH* to them. I thought that's how noodle kugel was supposed to taste, so I never liked anything else. To this day, I still prefer crunchy-topped kugels.

These garlic crisps are another example. My mom used to make these to go along with pasta in our house, and this is what we called "garlic bread" while growing up. I never really liked the heavy pieces of white bread, dripping with oily butter that they serve elsewhere. These are crisp and light, with a really good garlic flavor. It's also one of the first recipes I "cooked" on my own, back in graduate school. I'm pretty sure I even called her to double-check the recipe.

Pita bread, split open
Garlic (or garlic powder, if that's all you have)
Parmesan cheese

Take the split pieces of pita bread and spread each half with butter. You can either then sprinkle with garlic powder, or take a clove of garlic and run it through your microplane zester. Spread the "zested" garlic evenly over the butter. Top with cheese.

Using a pizza cutter, or knife, cut each half into wedges and toast until golden brown.


Amy said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

My mom made the same exact thing... it's what our garlic bread was too. Love them!