November 17, 2011

Turkey for me, turkey for you...

It's okay, you can die of cuteness. I won't tell.

Guest Blogger today! My co-worker, Liz:

I am a total sucker for holiday traditions.  From as early as I can remember the best days with my family were when we made construction paper cards with conversation hearts and doilies for Valentine’s Day, decorated sugar cookies for Halloween, and designed Candy Cane reindeer for the holiday season. 
But some 21 years later there is really only one that I consistently recreate, and that is the Thanksgiving candy turkey.  The simplicity of it combined with the reactions I get from people when I give them out makes them easily the most memorable treat of the bunch.  In order to bring this delicious decoration to your home you will need:

Chocolate covered cherries (1 per turkey you are hoping to make)
1 box of Nilla wafers
1 small bag of chocolate chips
1bag of candy corns
1bag of French burnt peanuts (this is the hardest to find, some years I have to order them but if you have a local candy store you can usually find them there)
1 tube of chocolate frosting

1.     Lay out a vanilla wafer, squirt a dime sized amount of chocolate frosting in the middle and place the chocolate covered cherry on top (this makes the body of the bird)

2.     Take a second vanilla wafer and line the edge of the top half of the cookie with a line or two of frosting then use that frosting as “glue” to arrange five candy corns (the feathers) along the edge of the cookie (this is the tail of the bird)

3.     Place another dime-sized squirt of frosting in the center of the cookie with the candy corns and lay the chocolate covered cherry on its side so that the two pieces are attached (it should look like the turkey is on its back)

4.     Place a short line of frosting on the part of the chocolate covered cherry that is facing up, place one chocolate chip towards the top of the cherry on the line and one burnt peanut underneath (this is the face and the gobble of the turkey)

5.     Let the turkeys dry over night, then set them upright!

Cute coworkers Annie (l) and Liz (r) with their turkey treats!

There you have it!  Use them to decorate your table, hold place cards, or just bring a smile to your friends’ faces this Thanksgiving.  Happy turkey day!