September 15, 2009

Operation Baking GALS Round 12

Thank you so much to all my wonderful baking GALS! If you are new to my blog, Operation Baking GALS (Give A Little Support) was started a little while ago by Susan of She's Becoming Doughmesstic and it has since grown in leaps and bounds. Every round, the bakers are divided into teams and each team is assigned a soldier. We then bake and ship care packages to our soldier and he/she will share the goodies amongst his/her unit. I've received a few thank-you letters and emails from our soldiers and it always makes me smile.

I hadn't lead a team in a few rounds, but I knew I had a group of awesome bakers that would come running as soon as I said "Go". I was searching around for a soldier when my friend Erica swooped in to save the day. Her friend is stationed in Afghanistan AND his 30th birthday is the end of September. What better reason do we need? Kenny is from outside of Boston and his wife, Diane, wrote the sweetest bio for us:

Kenneth (Kenny) is a Sergeant currently serving his second tour of duty with the US Army. He is currently stationed in Afghanistan, but was previously stationed in Iraq for a year. On Sept. 21st, Kenny will celebrating his 30th birthday making this a great month to send him tons of home-made goodies!

Raised in MA, Kenny grew up with his parents, Jerry and Jane, and 3 sisters, Sarah, Amanda, and Katie. He is the only one of his siblings to still live in MA, but he is still very close with all of them. When not serving overseas, Kenny now lives in MA with the 3 loves of his life- his wife Diane and daughters Ellie, age 7 and Maddy, age 2- whom he misses very much.

Besides his strong love for his family, Kenny also has a strong love of music and acting. As a musician, Kenny plays french horn, saxophone and piano. When home, he has also frequently acted with the Off-Broadway Players at UMASS Lowell, Newton Country Players, and Nashoba Players, where he met Diane! His most recent performances include Godspell, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, Beau Jest, Proof, and several festival performances.

Kenny is proud to be serving his country and protecting its citizens, and he appreciates all the support he receives from those back in the States!

Now, c' could you not want to send this guy cookies? Luckily, I had a wonderful group of 14 bakers ready and willing to answer the call of Operation Baking GALS Team GO TERPS! Diane also told us that Kenny loves hermits and is trying to be healthy, so a lot of bakers sent him Mens Health magazines and kinda-good-for-you snacks. Here are some of their delicious care packages:

  • Barbara B. sent oatmeal craisin and molasses cookies

  • Karen C. sent peanut butter chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, along with an assortment of mints, cards, beef jerky and homemade trail mix

  • Ashley P. sent sugar cookies

  • Erica S. shipped hermits, rice krispie treats and trail mixes

  • Kara sent snickerdoodles, chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter cookies, along with Goldfish, baby wipes, and other fun snacks

  • Rachel N. sent a very creative package including brownies, wet wipes, instant coffee and lots of fun stuff for any women in Kenny's unit

  • I sent hermits, chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter cookies

Karen's delicious looking care package!

My hermits

Rachel's stuffed package